School Council


Avondale Primary School Council

The School Council plays a key role in developing a broad direction and vision for the school. The council acts as a team and supports the principal to provide the best possible outcomes for students. We operate under a legislative framework supported by the Victorian Government that establishes efficient and effective mechanisms that:

  • meet the governance needs for Victorian government schools

  • reflect local and statewide values

  • meet the needs of our local school

The school council is scheduled to meet at least eight times during any one year and at least once per school term.

Becoming Involved

Being on a school council can be a rewarding experience. If you are interested in being on school council please see the school principal as vacancies exist each year and school council elections take place in Term 1.

School Council Subcommittees

The Avondale School Council has 6 School Council Subcommittees. These subcommittees are made up of school council members, members of the parent community and DET employees (Teachers).

Subcommittees assist council in the work that needs to be done. School council subcommittees do not make decisions for school council but rather make recommendations.

At this school our subcommittees are: Finance, Facilities, Education, Canteen, Fundraising & Junior School Council. Parents are welcome to be involved in our school's subcommittees.


School Council Members for 2016 are:

The school council is made up of a mix parents, community members and DET employees.School Council Nominee: President: Nicole Mina

Vice President: Tony Baldwin ,  Treasurer: Maria Giordmaina, Angelo Koucoulis, Kylie Richardson, Jaclyn Coleman, Isabelle Sawtell, Sally Stevens, Vivienne Darrington

DET Employees: Principal: Paul Mulroyan, Secretary: Joe Scarfo, Staff Rep:Jenna Heywood