Welcome to Grade 4/5 and 5/6...


Term 1 in Grade 4/5 and 5/6 2019:

Last week was our first game of Interschool Sport for the year against Moonee Ponds West Primary School. The sports we are playing this term include European handball, soccer, and Hot Shots tennis. Congratulations to all students who represented our school well and displayed excellent sportsmanship.



2018 Classroom News

Book Week

To celebrate Book Week 5/6C participated in a cross age reading session with 1/2C. We worked hard to make sure we read fluently, with expression, and asked interesting questions.


STEAM Incursion

This term students in grade 4/5 & 5/6 participated in hands-on activities including robotics, coding and drone flying.


Square Metre Challenge by 4/5A:  

Last week 4/5A worked in groups of four and made one metre square out of newspaper and sticky tape.



There were six groups altogether, so we made a total area of six square metres.  




The purpose was to know how to work out area. I guess it worked! Also we can now visualise one square metre and use this to help us when estimating.



Alex and Ethan, 4/5A







During this term the 5/6 students have been learning about the states and territories of Australia. We have located and plotted lots of cities, towns, rivers, mountains and lakes in each of the states and territories and themed our presentations with some amazing pictures.




Each of the students in grade 5/6 was given a state or territory to research and then drafted and published an information report, including plenty of facts about the topic. Here is a selection of our finished products.




We also did a detailed study of the various regions of Victoria and produced a colourful brochure which we are very proud of. We have found plenty of great holiday ideas for our families in the future!



Poetry writing is another of our writing tasks in grade 5/6 and this term we came up with some fantastic limericks and presented them on bright and colourful posters.



Reading is a major activity as well and we put together great book reports like this one on Trubb’s Gift.




Science Visit by 5/6C


On Thursday 24th March 2018, Strathmore S.C. Outreach Program came to visit Avondale Primary School. Only the grade 4/5 and 5/6’s were allowed to enjoy this experience. (Lauren)


Our first task was to look into a microscope and identify the miniscule moving objects. They called it astrobiology. (Natasha)


We got to look into microscopes and got to examine different types of microorganisms that live in swamp water, which we found very fascinating. (Isabelle)





We looked at drops of water and amber from trees through the microscope. (Sunny)


We got to hold replicas of fossils like dinosaur poo, stones, shapes like frogs and leaves stuck in stone. (Aaliyah)

My group got fossilised poo. It was really hard and bumpy. (Alexander)



The final thing we did was a mystery. There was some stuff in the box and we had to make a prediction. (Farj)


We made scientific predictions with our senses to guess what was inside a long tube. (Kevin)


We thought in our group there were rocks and coins, but after we thought it was marbles and magnets. (Alessio)


We used our evidence that we had, and made a theory. (Ivy)

Over all it was a great experience and everyone learned a lot of new things. (Samiksha)


Our grade had a great time having the wonderful VSSEC come and teach us scientific lessons. (Aidan)



NAPLAN by 5/6A:


In 5/6A this week, the grade 5s had their NAPLAN test starting from Tuesday to Thursday. We wish them the best and hope that the test conditions weren’t too tense. This week was very busy with the tests, but it was still as enjoyable as the other weeks at school. – Monica




This week we had NAPLAN. There were four types of tests we had to do. I learnt a few new things in Maths, and the NAPLAN tests weren’t that hard because we were well prepared by Mr Lumby. I hope next week is just as good and interesting as this week. – Chrissie



In 5/6A this week we did NAPLAN starting on Tuesday. On Thursday, we did the maths NAPLAN and before it, we did a 3 minute challenges to prompt our    memory. Other than NAPLAN (which I think we did great in) it was a pretty fun week! – Eloise



In 5/6A this week, the grade 5’s did their NAPLAN tests starting on Tuesday and finished on Thursday. We grade 6’s got to practise our NAPLAN by doing the year 7 tests. The tests were pretty easy and I am very proud of my scores on the tests. - Patrick



ANZAC Day Reflections by 4/5A:


On the 24th April, Avondale Primary School gathered in the BER for a special Anzac Day assembly. We talked about the ANZACs and how they fought for us. It was a sad moment but we will never forget them.







Mr Barkell spoke about his visit to Villers Bretonneux and how he saw the trenches, an unexploded bomb and a school with a sign that says, ‘Do Not Forget Australia’.




 As part of this day all the classes put their minds together to make meaningful poems and posters. One student from each grade stood up at the assembly and spoke about what their class was learning about. We also got to sing the National Anthem and listen to the Last Post. The whole day was one we will never forget, and hopefully next year’s one will be just as good.






 Mr Barkell told us about his experience   when he visited Villers Bretonneux. There   are still trenches there today and farmers   find bombs that haven’t exploded. When the battle was over, the whole community was destroyed and Australia helped to rebuild the school. It is called the Victoria School.



Our class researched the Battle of Beersheba. We wrote summaries from our research and then designed a coin to commemorate this battle. This battle was significant because it was almost a failure. The Australian Light Horse Brigade saved the day, by riding over the Turkish soldiers in the trenches.




The preps told us how they made poppies for the soldiers who died in the war. The 1/2s presented their acrostic poems. Then the 3/4s sang Waltzing Matilda to everyone. The 4/5/6s told us about their summaries of different significant battles that the ANZACs fought in.









The upper school classes have had a disastrous start to the year!


We have been studying Natural Disasters, completing group and individual research into earthquakes, bushfires, volcanoes, wind storms and floods.

Place Value has been our major topic in numeracy and in literacy we have written poems, narratives and studied nouns and verbs. We have also started a rotational activity session where the four classes will enjoy music, science, IT and health and well-being lessons over an eight week block, each term.