Welcome to Grade 1/2...

Term 3 in Grade 1/2: 

Recycled Art Show by 1/2C:



We would like to share some amazing learning that students in Grade 1/2C did in Week 5. Every class was asked to come up with a recycled art project to present. After much discussion students decided to use newspapers.

Everyday Avondale Primary School receives newspapers and the amount of unused papers add up over the week. What a waste of paper! We decided to use the unwanted newspapers and save them from "landfill" and make them into a art piece. The idea was to make newspaper scrolls, dip the ends into paint and paste them together to form a collage.



It was a very busy and enjoyable time, especially seeing everyone so engaged, on-task and excited about participating on a whole class project. Congratulations 1/2 C on a job well done!

OOBLECK by 1/2B:

This week in 1/2B we have been discovering how materials change properties when they are mixed together. We mixed cornflour and water together to make Oobleck!

"When you hold the oobleck really tight it turns hard. It is a solid."      Mason

"It can be a solid and a liquid. It changes shape."       Aarav

"Sometimes it is thick and sometimes it is runny."      Lillie






1/2A is 'Living in a Material World': 

Did you know that the 1/2 students are learning about materials and their properties at the moment?




1/2A explored the playground in groups of four. We used clipboards to tally what each object was made of. We discovered that our playground is mostly made of metal, plastic and wood.

Oh and guess what? We discovered magnetism too! We took magnets outside and found that some metals are magnetic (e.g. the poles and monkey bars!) 

Metal is strong, tough and cannot be bent. So be safe when playing!


Term 2 in Grade 1/2: 


NAIDOC Week by 1/2E:


This week 1/2E are celebrating NAIDOC week. We are doing a lot of exciting things in the classroom. 




"In our classroom, we have been colouring in aboriginal dot artwork. We are using brown, red, orange, yellow and black colours to fill in the tiny gaps." By Tyler




"We are learning to sing Inanay an aboriginal song. The whole school is going to sing this song at assembly on Friday, the last day of Term 2." By Scarlett




"We are having a boomerang colouring in competition and the teachers will pick a boy and a girl from each grade."


By Jarrod




"Indigenous artwork included animals like lizards, snakes, turtles, kangaroos and frogs. We watched a dreamtime story called Tiddalick the frog." By Lexi

Area Flags by 1/2D:

In mathematics we learnt about area by designing and constructing our own flag.

We counted the squares to calculate how much space each colour took up and worked out the total area by counting all of the squares. 

Learning about Money by 1/2C:

This week, the grade 1/2s were learning about the value of Australian coins and notes.

"I like adding up the coins to find out how much the torch costs"    Lachie 

"I love money"    Maitham

"I like adding coins, I found out the rubber duck costs 70c" Jacob 

"I liked working out what coins I needed to buy an ice-cream, I love ice-cream"    Maneli 

"I like adding up coins and seeing how much everything costs"    Cooper 

Yarrabee Olden Day Excursion by 1/2B


On Tuesday the 8th of May, our class went to visit the 'Yarrabee Yesterday School'. We went to learn about how school was different in the olden days compared to now. We also learnt about how people lived in the olden days. We discovered that life was very different back then.


''I discovered that the punishments were very strict in the olden days''.   Clarrie 

''I found it interesting that there were girl games and boy games at recess. The girls could only do skipping and boys could only do kick the can."   Eliza

''There were some punishments that I didn't like. But I did like the metal stilts. They were wobbly and fun!"   Ezra

ANZAC Day by 1/2A

On the 17th of April, Grade 1/2A read a story called ANZAC Ted. We reflected on the meaning of ANZAC day and what the soldiers did for our country.  The students in 1/2A wrote poems to remember the soldiers and their amazing efforts. On the 24th of April, we had a whole school assembly. We had a minute of silence and sang our Australian Anthem.


“Australians who we thank a lot, they didn’t get to peacefully boil a pot. It was not fun, especially when they shot a loud gun. They wanted to save us from danger. We definitely don’t want to be in danger! I wish I could thank them a bunch. They didn’t get a calm munch of their lunch. I wish they didn’t die. I wish I could say goodbye. They would like if I could say hi."


                              By Mikaret

It was very sad when the soldiers were alive.

I don’t know if they all stayed alive.

It was so nice when they thought for us.

If I were on a bus I would think of the soldiers fighting…

And a poem for them I would start writing

By Grace

Term 1 in Grade 1/2:


This Term in Grades 1 and 2 the children have been sharing information with their peers about themselves through the “Me in a Box” project.They have also been exploring and learning about the Avondale Heights community.

Children were provided with opportunities to share their prior knowledge of the term ‘Community’, along with moments to pose wondering questions. For example, “How many communities are there in the whole world?” The students’ wondering questions formed the foundation of our Integrated Studies unit.

Throughout the term, children have been inquiring about professions in the community and parents have been coming in to present speeches about their occupations. We went for a community walk where children got to see the Avondale Heights community – the library, McDonalds and Coles shopping centre. The topic of ‘Communities’ has also influenced the Literacy and Mathematics subjects including children writing recounts about guest speakers and tallying how many cars drove past our school. 


In summary, it continues to be a term filled with ‘community spirit’ and engaging, ‘hands-on’ activities.