Avondale Primary School is a learning community that has a commitment to provide high quality instruction that meets the needs of our students as we move into the 21st Century. We are a safe and co-operative learning community that encourages each student to develop the knowledge, skills and values that they will require for the future.

We pride ourselves on being a learning community with high educational expectations of every child. Our motivated and professional staff work to meet the needs of all students in the following ways;-

• engaging students in their own learning so that they come to school motivated and ready to learn

• fostering good communication and cooperation between families, students and the school

• applying proven, high quality teaching and learning practices

• ensuring that each student improves their literacy and numeracy skills

• challenging students who work at a high standard as well as supporting those who may require extra support or intervention

• providing students with an environment that allows them to develop their academic, social and emotional skills

• recognising that the 21st Century requires the meaningful integration of technology within the learning environment

• creating a consistent environment from Foundation Year to Grade 6 in which students can confidently learn and apply key strategies for success such as being organised, persistent and getting along with others.

Student learning is the responsibility of our whole school community. It is a responsibility that we at Avondale Primary School take seriously and is our continuing focus. If you want more information about this please take this opportunity to explore this website further.

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